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How We Met

Katey and Zach met at the end of 2016 right here in West Chester, PA. During Katey's sophomore and Zach's freshman year at WCU they were introduced through a mutual friend (shout-out Jenna!). Zach was a member of the men's basketball team and their friend Jenna who played on the women's team knew they each had a crush on each other. From here Jenna introduced the two and the modern day love story involving some Instagram dms and text messages began. Eventually they started to spend more and more time together and became each other's best friends.

The Engagement

Zach had been planning the engagement since early 2022 when he asked Steve for Katey's hand in marriage. Steve gave his blessing, but instructed this must be kept a secret from Pam knowing Katey and Pam have a close relationship and it would be hard to keep it a surprise. Zach had decided a great place to do it would be McCloskey beach week. It's always a highlight of Katey's summer and they would be able to celebrate with the 60+ McCloskeys who attend every year after the big event! Steve had been helping to coordinate everything with Zach, so the plan could go off without a hitch. However, there was a slight snag in the plan as Steve had to be rushed to the Emergency Room the day before the proposed engagement plan. Steve had to have his gallbladder removed immediately right there in Florida. Unknowing that Zach and his parents had already started the trek of driving from Maryland to Florida for the proposal surprise- Katey sent Zach a text letting him know about what was going on. Immediate panic hit Zach as he realized he would have no contact with Steve for the proposal and he did not think it was a right time with the stress of Steve entering surgery. However, Zach was unable to get out of some reservations of part of his plan so he decided to go for it- but hung out in Amelia Island without Katey knowing postponing the engagement plans by 1 day (hoping Steve would be able to break free of the hospital!). The morning of July 22nd 2022 Zach was able to get onto the beach in front of Katey's condo and casually facetimed her asking if she would be able to come outside. Very confused how and why Zach was in Amelia Island Katey went down onto the beach where Zach proposed! Hiding out in the Dunes were Kim and John- Zach's parents who were able to document the entire thing. After initial celebrations they went to the hospital to let Steve know the proposal had happened after all and he was relieved as he had been stuck in the hospital wondering if Zach decided to go forward or not. They spent the rest of the day celebrating with the McCloskey's and the story just goes to show... things often don't go according to plan and there is NEVER a dull moment at McCloskey beach week!

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