Kate & Lucas

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Lucas Johnson


Kate Henriod

September 29, 2023

Midway, UT

How We Met


Kate here :) I kept feeling like I needed to transfer to Utah State- which was 8 hours from where I was currently attending, and didn't make sense at all! I decided to tour the campus with my brother and his wife. During our tour my sister-in-law joked that I should download a dating app to see if the boys there were cute or not, because obviously that would influence my decision to transfer haha. I downloaded Mutual as a joke, but Lucas was the first guy that popped up and I thought he was SO cute!! I made the first move and messaged him, and it's all history from there :)

The Proposal


Lucas blew the proposal out of the water. Literally! There were FIREWORKS!! on the beach!!! He managed to trick me into drinking a bunch of caffeine so I wouldn't want to go to bed early like I normally do. We hiked our favorite trail in Juneau, Alaska that goes through a fairytale forest down to a stunning beach. At the edge of the forest sits a cute bridge where he knelt down on one knee. He couldn’t get the ring box out of his pocket and said “I can’t get it out, it’s stuck,” to which I responded “That’s what she said.” When we both stopped laughing he managed to get the ring out and ask me to marry him, to which I quickly said “absolutely!” We kissed, and then there were fireworks. Literally!!! Lucas coordinated giant fireworks to go off on the beach. It was awesome.

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