Kassy & Trevor

Leaves and LightsLeaves and Lights

Kassy Reyes


Trevor Roe


February 17, 2024

College Station, TX
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How We Met

Oh, honey honey...

As cheesy as it may sound, we met on Bumble. Back then, the dating app required the girl to make the "first move," meaning I had to message first. We both shared similar music interests, specifically for Panic! at the Disco. We met up unexpectedly and quite nervously at a bar a week later. I remember seeing this tall, handsome guy at the corner of the room. He smiled at me and that was it. I'm not sure if I was toast at the point, but I was definitely smitten. Trevor and I danced the night away. Since then, it's been so fun integrating our lives, culture, and interests. We'd like to thank Bumble and Brendon Urie for matching us that September evening.

The Proposal

How did that get in there?

February 26th, 2023. Despite my confidence that I would be able to uncover the surprise (mainly because Trevor isn't good at keeping secrets), I had absolutely NO idea that *IT* was happening that day. It was a casual Sunday when I got the tiniest inkling that *it* would be happening. I remember patting Trevor's pockets before we left to the meadery, but alas, nothing. At Wildflyer, we drank our mead, played some games, and enjoyed the beautiful day. Before the meadery closed, Trevor went to grab our last round of drinks as I sat completely clueless (I was channeling my best Cher Horowitz impression). We sat sipping; Trevor with his mead and me with my Bloody Mary. Every time I drank, I heard a faint *clink clink* coming from the glass, but --you guessed it-- your girl was STILL clueless (as if!). 10 sips later, my glass was empty except for the leftover spices and the ring. "How did that get in there?" Peter Parker (aka Trevor Roe) said. He proceeded to take the ring from my glass, knelt down, and proposed. Be still, my heart!