Rebecca & Andrew


Come celebrate this special day with us!


Rebecca Kaminski


Andrew Taft

July 22, 2023

Vienna, WV

We met in college during our junior year.

It all began with a regular visit to our campus coffee shop, to small conversations, to the eventual question to go on a simple date.

We first met through small interactions and seeing one another involved heavily in ministry on campus. The moment I drove on campus for my first semester we were welcomed but several guys who dragged dirty sponges across our cars causing my Dad to test his faith. I later discovered that Andrew was one of those men. I had no interest in any relationship and Andrew was too scared to talk to me. Andrew had interest for about 6 months, but I gave no signs of interest as I was completely oblivious. There were a few conversations we had throughout our last semester junior year that stood out to us both and caused interest to grow. We both had packed schedules and were very involved on campus. Looking back now we realize how God's timing worked in ways we would never had guessed. Andrew had gotten out of a serious relationship and I was focused on my studies. We both had past hurts, but God allowed us to address those before pursuing one another. Andrew would muster up occasional courage to speak to me mostly in our campus coffee shop where I worked, but I had no idea he was interested. Then Spring Break happened which God ultimately used to push our relationship to a different level. I had a friend invite me to her home in Wisconsin for break and I took the opportunity as I had never been. Her family owns a dairy farm where we were shown how to milk cows, ride horses, and so much more. The very last day of our visit, we went snowboarding. This was my first time ever snowboarding and it wasn't pretty to say the least. Long story short, I gradually went down the slope and landed incorrectly causing my left knee to become dislocated. I was able to put it back in place and even finished the run. I then switched to skies and did another run despite the insane amount of pain. The next day we woke up very early and began the 17 hour car ride back to school. Once we got back, I went to the hospital where they gave me crutches and a knee immobilizer with instructions to see a specialist as soon as possible. Word had quickly gotten around campus which got around to Andrew that I was injured and would need to head home for the last month of the semester. After a couple weeks on crutches, I noticed Andrew becoming more assertive which gave me suspicions. I later discovered that Andrew was going through many internal battles as to when or if he should ask me out. He battled this for months, but after my injury he saw the door opening, but there was a small window as I was leaving in a few days at this point. I was sitting in my room one evening when I got a message from Andrew. He asked me if I was doing anything at that moment and if I had a minute to talk in-person. Mind you, this was past curfew so I had to sign out. I hobbled out of my dorm on my crutches to meet a very nervous looking Andrew. We talked for a moment and then he began stumbling over his words. He asked if I wanted to go on a date with him because he had liked me for a while now. I was shocked to my core, but of course I said yes! We went to Chic-fil-a for a very awkward date and then came back to school for a Lip Sync event where he danced to "Single Ladies" with a friend. We had several conversations as to intentions and how our relationship would work over the summer and then my parents came. I had yet to tell them about Andrew, but my Dad had suspicions as soon as he saw him. The summer went by and we called just about every night. We became best friends, then on March 28th he asked me to be his girlfriend. Then we transitioned to an in-person relationship over the fall semester where we said "I love you" for the first time in a Burger King. We had amazing conversations about God and our testimonies which caused us to grow even more. It was the easiest "yes" I've ever given when he asked me to marry him. He is my best friend and he constantly points me to Christ. We are strange, quirky, loud, and so much more, but we cannot wait to see what God has in store for our future!

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