July 10, 2022
Madison, WI

Kamei & Matthew

    Where to Stay

We're getting married!

Matthew Thal


Kamei Kim



July 10


Our Story

Best Friends Forever

Matt and Kamei met at Madison West High School. Their friendship bloomed during sophomore year when the two spent an entire semester of Western Civilization sitting on the radiators at the back of the room talking through class. Their high school memories are full of afternoons sip coffee outside The Froth House. Matt won't ever admit it but he had a huge crush on Kamei and thought his luck had changed when she demanded he take her to their senior prom. Unfortunately love was not in the cards for the pair until they separated for college the following Autumn; Matt went to UW-Milwaukee and Kamei to UW-Oshkosh. By the Spring, romance had finally taken hold. They spent the whole summer together and on July 26th 2012, Matt asked Kamei to be his girlfriend while eating Dairy Queen blizzards. The two have been inseparable since; they took turns visiting each other in Milwaukee and Oshkosh over the next school year. Finally, Kamei had enough of the too-short weekends and moved to Milwaukee to be closer to Matthew while they both finished their degrees. Since then they have created a home in Shorewood, adopted two beautiful cats, and been partners through the highs and lows. On January 5th, 2021, while making dinner, Matt asked Kamei to continue building a life together. The couple is thrilled to celebrate their commitment to each other in front of family and friends on July 10th, 2022!