Kaitlyn & Benjamin


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Kaitlyn Lent


Benjamin Underwood


September 16, 2023

Davis Park, NY

How We Met

First comes school, then comes marriage!

In 2003, Kaitlyn and Ben first encountered each other at River Elementary School. Their initial interactions consisted of the occasional encounter during the transition from recess to lunch, where they would silently walk through the school halls with their fingers pressed against their lips. It was during one of these moments that Ben realized he had found his future wife, Kaitlyn. Throughout their years in school, they were often involved in various friend groups and sports activities, yet maintained a certain level of distance between them. In September 2018, Ben made the decision to invite Kaitlyn to the Marine Corps Ball in Richmond, VA, marking the beginning of their relationship. Prior to this event, Kaitlyn had never spent time alone with Ben. However, during her three-day trip to Virginia, Ben impressed her with his gentlemanly behavior and he ensured that her stay would be nothing short of amazing. Despite facing a challenge when Kaitlyn fell ill with food poisoning during her visit, the couple managed to work through it together having something to laugh about years to come. Following their initial encounter in Virginia, Kaitlyn and Ben embarked on a challenging two-year long-distance relationship while Ben was stationed in Okinawa, Japan from 2020 to 2022 (not to mention the 2 years prior). Despite the physical distance between them, their bond always remained strong. Finally, upon Ben's return home in March of 2022, they decided to move in together and adopt a cat named Oats. Since their three days spent together in Virginia, they have been practically inseparable - despite the distance.

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