Kaitlin & T'Andre’


We are Getting Married


T'Andre White


Kaitlin Cornejo


October 7, 2023

Fort Bragg, CA

Our Love Story

From Gospel Choir to Down the Aisle

Kaitlin and T'Andre' met in October of 2017 during their time in San Francisco State University's infamous Gospel Gators. The two bonded on the bus ride to camp as they didn't know any of the words to the songs everyone was singing and really solidified a long lasting friendship as they stayed up for hours chatting about music in the kitchen. For months Kaitlin and T'Andre' talked every day and laid the foundation of what we now know is an everlasting love story. In March of 2018, T'Andre' mustered up the courage to ask Kaitlin on a date. From that moment on they knew they were in for the long haul, they talked about everything under the sun and made plans for the next two months before Kaitlin graduated and moved to Chicago. After graduating from SFSU, Kaitlin moved to Chicago and the two were separated by 2,137 miles. With frequent visits, a traveling journal, and countless shows watched over facetime, Kaitlin finally moved back to California still in different cities but at least in the same time zone. Then came March 2020, the pandemic made these two love birds make a decision to move in together (believe it or not long distance in a pandemic is not sustainable). So Kaitlin, packed up her U-Haul and moved up to San Francisco. The pair got their beloved husky and made their little apartment in the sunniest part of the city an oasis where they could plan their future adventures and dream up a life they wanted to live. In November of 2021, the two took a trip to Lisbon, Portugal where T'Andre' got down on 1 knee and proposed to Kaitlin and the rest is yet to be written.

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