Invitations to follow to those whom have recieved a Save the Date!
Invitations to follow to those whom have recieved a Save the Date!

Kailee & Fadi

    Wedding Party

Hey Google, play “About Damn Time” by Lizzo. We’re FINALLY getting married!!

Kailee Munson


Fadi Albakri

November 16, 2024

Tampa, FL
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The Day We Met

March 27, 2016

It was Easter Sunday at a friend’s house. There was a bunch of guys from Lambda Chi Alpha, me, and two of my girlfriends. The three of us were swooning over the “new guy”. He told me his name was Fadi and I didn’t believe him. So he flashed me his ID and let’s just say, we shock everyone we meet when he tells people, “Yep! That’s ACTUALLY my name and that’s ACTUALLY how you pronounce it!” We “raced” home with our closest friends in the car, and it was history from there!

Our First Date

March 28, 2016

Fadi was working at a hotel in Downtown Tampa as a valet. I stopped by on my way home to say hi. He gave me the most spontaneous kiss I had ever received in my life. That night, he got off of work at MIDNIGHT and he came over to my apartment for dinner. I had made him steak, broccoli with lemon juice, and shells with white cheddar. (I think my cooking forced him to stay, lol)

The Proposal

March 27, 2023

Fadi told me we were going to a new restaurant at Midtown in Tampa. I was really excited because neither one of us had been there before. Our next door neighbor, Sara, told me it was really fancy and I had to dress up. We left the house, and Fadi said we would be going to a rooftop bar before dinner for some drinks. Well anyway, we leave the house and he takes a weird turn in our community and says “I have to pick something up over here”. We park (in the middle of the road) and he tells me to come with him. In typical Kailee fashion, I had to fix my underwear before we kept walking. There was a picnic table set up all cute (big shoutout to Sara, Brook, and Sheyenne) with a chalkboard that said “Will you…” Fadi talked about our relationship, and how we met exactly 7 years before. He got down on one knee with my DREAM ring. How could I say anything but “YES” to the most amazing man I’ve had by my side for SEVEN years?! Out come Sara, Brook, and Sheyenne, who were hiding behind trees and AC units to take the most magnificent photos during the proposal. We popped champagne and went on our way to drinks at Sal y Mar in Midtown before dinner. I wanted to FaceTime my family SO bad. Fadi told me to wait until we got to drinks. I thought nothing odd about that. We pull up to the valet, and head into the elevator to the roof. He completely ignored the “Please see the hostess” sign and I called him out on it. He said “no, we have to go this way” (obviously, still oblivious). He opens the door to go outside, and all of my friends are outside cheering from the rooftop (we were on a rooftop bar 😉). I see his mom, Diane, and she runs to give both of us hugs. At this point, I’m already crying, because I see friends from Tampa, and friends from far places (Colorado, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania). As I’m hugging Fadi’s mom, I make eye contact with my mom. I start crying even more and yell “even my parents are here”. When I didn’t think it could get any better, I see my best friend of 24 years, Brittany. Now Brittany has been on planes before, but she has told me NUMEROUS times how much she does not like them. At this point I’m a mess. I was so shocked, happy, and excited that I could celebrate getting engaged to the best guy ever, and having my friends and family there as well.

The Party Continues

November 16, 2024

See y’all to party it up!! We can’t wait for our family and closest friends to come together and celebrate with us.

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