Kaila & Christian


Hello there!


Christian Pierce


Kaila Martinez

May 20, 2023

Vista, CA

How We Met

New York City - 2021

Hailing from opposite coasts, Kaila moved to New York City from San Diego to pursue her Master's degree at NYU and Christian left Florida for the city to work for a political campaign. They matched on Bumble and their first conversations revolved around books and pirates; two days later, Christian asked Kaila to dinner. They met on a rainy evening in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn, at a small restaurant called Klom Klorm (neither one can say it without laughing). Every day thereafter, they were inseparable, going to restaurants, museums, and parks with any free moment they had. After a month, Christian and Kaila were official and already deep in the throes of love.

The Proposal

New York City - 2022

It was a cold a@$ Valentine's Day in NYC, and Christian and Kaila planned a dinner on the Upper East Side but had to cross Central Park on foot to get there. Christian had it all planned in his head, and Kaila was none-the-wiser. When they arrived at the restaurant, it was packed - we're pretty sure it was a fire code violation. While they waited for their food, they were drunk with love, talking about how lucky they were to have found each other and how they could see getting married to one another. Then, not able to wait any longer, Christian got down on one knee and showed Kaila her engagement ring - upside down (haha). She obviously said yes, without hesitation, and here we are! They currently live in Allentown, Pennsylvania with their two kittens, and are thankful for one another every day.