Kaetlyn & Philip

We're getting hitched! Join us in celebrating our big day!


Kaetlyn Warburton


Philip Minkler



August 12

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Our Story

First comes school, then comes marriage.

Phil and Kaetlyn met in Iowa Lakes Community College's Human Relations class. Kaetlyn only needed one more class in order to graduate that year, and Phil was taking the required class for his Associate's Degree. After having a few disagreeing opinions in class discussions, they became friends on social media. By May 30, 2019, they were dating! Phil graduated with his Associates Degree in Construction Technology and went on to work for a private contractor. Kaetlyn earned her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Buena Vista University in 2021, and went on to become a fourth grade teacher. In February of 2022, they moved in together in Spencer, and Phil began a new construction job. They learned a lot about each other's pet peeves and favorite things. On November 27, 2022, Phil proposed to Kaetlyn at Oneota Park with family surrounding them and hiding in the trees. They are excited to share their special day with you and hope you are able to attend!