Julie & Karl

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Karl Schulte


Julie Everswick

Essex Fells


June 24

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Their Story

by Rachel Kubichek (Friend of the Bride and Groom / Matron of Honor)

The year was 2020, the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic. As Julie walked up to the car, Karl could see she was wearing a mask. This was disappointing because her dating profile pictures were grainy and small (rookie move, Jules!), so he really had no idea what to expect beneath the folded blue layers! Thankfully, during a traffic jam, Julie decided it was alright to take off her mask. As she did so, Karl looked over, interested to see what she looked like, and almost rear-ended the car in front of him. Suffice it to say, sparks flew on the first date! Dinner turned into a 5-hour conversation, followed up by a spontaneous ice-skating lesson. Upon filling out the lesson waivers, Karl experienced a moment of panic when he realized he could not remember Julie’s last name. So, like any clear-thinking man on a first date with a beautiful woman, he simply wrote down: "Julie Schulte.” From there, the relationship blossomed. For myself (Rachel, matron of honor #2), I had NEVER seen Julie so “twitterpated” in all my 11 years of knowing her! She was truly taken with Karl, and Karl was obviously head over heels for her! In fact, he confesses that within 2 months of dating, he knew he wanted to marry her, no question! Julie was super intentional, loved the Lord, attractive, kind… all the things he was looking for! Julie, however, was not quite ready to gallop off into the sunset with her emotions—even if Karl did appear to be her Prince Charming! Ever the thorough investigator, she proceeded to put Karl through his paces, introducing him to friends and family, peppering him with questions, and probing into his past, personality, and preferences with the exactitude of a surgeon! One of Karl’s more memorable tests was a game of “knives” with Doug Everswick, Julie’s dad. If you’ve never played knives before, just know that it is quite the adrenaline rush! Julie also once allegedly told Karl the wrong time for a family get together, which left him in the grip of her FBI agent uncle for two hours! To Karl’s credit, he endured this season with incredible patience, allowing Julie the time and space to feel ready for marriage. (True love right there!) Over time, Karl won Julie’s heart completely and on February 22, 2023, Karl asked Julie to marry him at her apartment beneath strings of lights and photos of the two of them together. And, as we all know, she said YES!