Julianne & Omar


We're Getting Married!


Omar Lopez Sauceda


Julianne Haddad

November 5, 2023

Our Story

On your mark, get set, go...

Julianne and Omar met on one hot evening in September at a run club in Tempe. Earlier that week, Julianne was invited to the run club by a new friend she met while hiking. She had just recently signed up to run her first 10k and wanted to improve her running. Meanwhile, Omar had been running with the club for a few months prior to train and improve his marathon time. During the evening of the run, Julianne & Omar passed each other going opposite directions. They made eye contact and smiled. Everyone from the group joined back up at the end where Omar patiently waited to get his chance to introduce himself to Julianne. As they had their first conversation, they both were thinking how natural and enjoyable the conversation flowed, keeping Omar curious about Julianne. A month of weekly runs went by and Omar asked Julianne to join him on a local hike. At one point during the hike the conversation came up about knowing when the person is the one. They both explained how they had been told, "you just know". Omar asked Julianne when he would be seeing her again. Julianne jokingly said when will he be taking her on a ""real" date. The next weekend, they went on their "real" date, and from that date on, they've been inseparable. They found the magical feeling of "you just know". They quickly became each other's best friends, true loves, and life partners ready to run through life together.

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