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August 18, 2023

The Woodlands, TX

How we met

Nico and I will always jump at the chance to watch Texas play, especially when it’s a bowl game. In December 2014 we decided to watch the Horns play the Razorbacks at NRG Stadium. Naturally, going to a bowl game also meant tailgating with my game day buddy, Ashley. Somehow, we made our way to an Arkansas Pike tailgate (thanks Courtney!). While Nico was busy making friends and giving away our precious Mang-O-Ritas, a handsome guy and his friend wandered over to us. He proceeded to ask us if he could take a picture with us and put his horns down. Naturally I said “no”! Eventually I agreed to the picture as long as I could put my horns up 🤘🏼. After our picture, he showed it to me. I then proceeded to tell him it was a cute picture and that he should text it to me. Of course that meant that he HAD to ask for my number 😉! We talked for a bit longer and then went our separate ways to watch the game (who won? Not sure I remember…). For the next couple of months we texted on and off, until I decided to take a chance and visit him in Fayetteville. As you might imagine, that visit went pretty well. After almost 8 years of dating, he finally popped the question and the rest is history!

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