Julia & Graham








July 8, 2023

Edwards, CO

The Story of Us

I met Julia the first night of college through a mutual friend. We started as friends but it was quickly clear to me that she would be more than just another new face. When we landed together at O’Hare for freshman winter break, my dad offered to drop her off on our way home. Instead, I politely told him we would drop him off. A couple of chai lattes later, I dropped Julia off at home. That was the first night I knew we were going to be something special. We had our first date at the Valley Lodge Tavern in Wilmette the same week. Back at school, it took me two weeks before I came to my senses and asked Julia to be my girlfriend. We haven’t looked back since. Fast-forward a year and we were in Steamboat, Colorado. I had just opened the email telling me I could transfer to Notre Dame. With Julia already heading to Wisconsin, I knew that would mean we would start long distance. It never crossed my mind to do anything else. Junior year of college, we got tired of living apart and wanted to see the world together. We studied abroad in Barcelona because I wasn’t interest in learning Spanish and Julia wasn’t interested in learning German. Since graduation, Julia and I have hit our stride as a couple. Two years ago, we moved in together in Evanston. We’ve spent more time with each other’s families and we’ve learned what it means to live with someone. Early in our relationship, my answer to people asking “how long have you guys been together?” was always an impossibly long time. “Eight years,” I’d say two years in. “Ten years” after it had been only four. The truth is that since that first night over winter break, I knew that time didn’t matter - we didn’t have an expiration date. And the longer we’re together, the more it feels like we’re just starting our relationship. I knew I had to ask Julia to marry me when I realized I wanted to start the second chapter. We’re so lucky that you’ll be there to start it with us. Graham