Julia & Joshua







November 4, 2023

Omaha, NE

The Beginning

Julia and Josh first met in 2019 after they both swiped right on a dating app! Their first date took place at Top Golf, where they stayed talking until they were politely asked to leave at closing time. Shortly after that first date, Julia left to spend the summer in New Jersey! They continued to talk every day that summer, and when Julia was back in KC they picked right back up from where they left off!

The Proposal

Fast forward 3 1/2 years, Julia and Josh are living together with their dog Luna! Josh didn’t really have a plan for the proposal, knowing Julia is hard to surprise, so he figured no plan was the best plan. After a busy morning of car shopping, the two headed to KC Wine Co for an afternoon of wine and cheese tasting. Julia was sure Josh would propose at the winery so when it didn’t happen, she was thrown off his scent. Later that evening, they headed to one of their favorite Italian restaurants for dinner. At this point Julia had convinced herself it wasn’t going to happen today, and they headed home full of pasta and wine. Little did Julia know that Josh had a plan all along. When they got home that evening, as Julia went upstairs to change, Josh put the ring on Luna’s collar and sent her running to Julia. Josh got down on one knee as Julia saw the ring and he asked her to marry him!

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