Jenna & Jack







May 26, 2024

San Francisco, CA
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How We Met


We "officially" met in the Spring of 2016 while we were juniors in college at the University of Colorado in Boulder, however we always joke around that we "unofficially" met a few years before that in a public speaking class that we had together when we were freshmen. We had always known of each other and had mutual friends, but it wasn't until Spring of 2016 that we actually found ourselves spending time just the two of us... just in time for us to venture our separate ways for the Summer -- Jenna had an internship abroad in Prague, and Jack was headed back to the Bay Area for a Summer internship. But, the 6,000 mile distance and 9 hour time difference didn't stop us! We had a very fun senior year together, and then came the decision of what we were going to do after graduation. Being born and raised in Colorado, Jenna was ready to venture somewhere new. Jack is originally from the Bay Area and wanted to eventually move back. After a lot of thought, San Francisco felt like the right decision. After months of job hunting, we both landed jobs in the Bay Area and made the move to San Francisco. Little did we know all the amazing things to come!

Life in the Bay Area


Since then, we have made our life here in San Francisco, and have really grown up through our 20s together. What we love the most about our relationship is that we have always been and will always be each other's biggest cheerleaders. Through every new and exciting opportunity, and through the most challenging of times, we're there to support each other no matter what. Not only are we partners, but we are also truly best friends... we laugh together, we cry together, and oftentimes we take the words right out of each other's mouths. When we think of our life together, we remember a lot of smiles, a lot of laughs, and the most amazing experiences traveling the world, but also those chill nights at home making pesto pasta and watching re-runs of The Office or Law and Order SVU.

The Proposal


We got engaged in September of 2022. Jack got down on one knee and popped the question just blocks away from our apartment in Russian Hill at Ina Coolbrith Park, with the most beautiful backdrop of the San Francisco skyline. Afterwards Jack planned a surprise intimate celebration at our favorite restaurant, Wayfare Tavern, with our families and closest friends. It was truly the most special day!