Trish & Josh



Tricia DeBoer


Joshua Billiau

October 7, 2023

Brighton, MI

How We Met


We met like many couples do these days on a dating app. After using a few apps without any luck, I was recommended to try Match.com. Turns out that Josh was also on Match! Josh only had a few more days of his free trial and as luck would have it, when he logged in to delete his account, he had a message from me! The rest is history.

First Date


Our first date was at Bigalora's in downtown Plymouth. We both shared a pizza and Josh talked my ears off! I specifically remember telling Josh to eat since I was starting on my 3rd slice and he hadn't even finished one! What was expected to be a 2 hour date, turned into 4 hours when Josh asked me to head next door for drinks at Arbor Brewing Company. We both remember not wanting the date to end!



Josh proposed during our trip to Orlando/Disney in 2022. The day he chose to propose happened to be on our 3rd year anniversary. He had multiple plans on when and where he wanted to propose and none of them actually happened! lol It being our only day not at a theme park, the initial plan was to go watch the fireworks on the beach of the Polynesian Resort and he would propose during them. After learning fireworks were pushed back and knowing we had an early start the next day, we decided to have an impromptu steak dinner and relax at our hotel. While at dinner, I made an emotional (and AMAZING) toast to him, us, and our future together. Josh was getting emotional and asked me if this trip made me happy. I told him "Umm heck yes I'm happy, you literally gave me the BEST trip!" Josh then said "Well hopefully I can make you happy in more way than one today, and dropped to his knee and proposed!! No one, not even Josh knew he was going to propose at that moment. The restaurant erupted in cheers when I said "YES!!"

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