Melissa & Josh


Josh Rosales


Melissa España



October 18


About Us

It was the early 2000s when Melissa and Josh first crossed each other’s paths- both families happened to be attending the same little town church. She was that small girl with a high-spirit, he was the shy one. She caught his attention, and well later, he kind of did too. Little did they know, the Lord will prepare them and lead them to something beautiful. 2007 was when their story set about. Tagged as “childhood sweethearts”, they felt the taste of the so-called puppy love. Just two 15-year olds, undoubtful that everything will transpire perfectly how they imagined it would be- or so they thought. Along the way, life presented itself in a myriad of strange forms. It was good, then it was rude. Pause. Stop. Start. Grew together, grew apart. Nevertheless, their affection and fondness for one another remained the same. 15 years later, after countless crazy emotional break-ups and getting back together, Melissa and Josh are here to finally say “we made it” knowing full well that it’s only the beginning! We can’t wait to start this new season together, and we are looking forward to celebrate with all of you!

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For all the days along the way
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