Joshua & Liana

We’ re Getting Married!!






May 21, 2023

Greenpoint, NY
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The Love Story

Josh and I met cooking at The Nomad restaurant. He was my sous chef. We developed a tight friendship over the next couple of years. Late night dance parties at Lit Lounge helped build the foundation of our love. Eventually, we decided to make it more than just a friendship. On one of our first dates, Josh took Me on a 36 mile bike tour of New York. After not being able to sit for a week, I thought this wasn’t going to work out. With completely opposite schedules, we rode bikes to each other’s home at 2am just to spend 30 minutes together. The Love and bond could not be broken no matter the circumstance. We moved in together in 2016. Together we've traveled to over sixteen countries and states. From Indonesia to Ireland, for food or for baseball, we experienced it together. Eight years strong and a lifetime to go.

The Proposal

On a rare sunny day in Ireland, Josh and I went on a beautiful scenic tour of Northern Ireland. We met up with friends Daisy and Keith to visit the Belfast castle over look. Basking in the gorgeous view, Josh told me to close my eyes because he had a surprise. When I opened my eyes, he held up a vintage Chanel bag I’d been dreaming of forever. He said it was an early birthday gift. He tells me to open it. Inside, he pulls out a ring box, gets on one knee and asks me to marry him. Once I saw him get down on one knee, I pretty much blacked out and chucked the bag to the ground and said “YES”! We are so happy to celebrate the next chapter in our lives with you all.