Lorena & Joseph


Joseph Lizarraga


Lorena Heidrich

August 28, 2023

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Our Story

Joseph and Lorena met for the first time through a mutual friend at a local coffee shop by Azusa Pacific University. Both of them at the time were going through their physical therapy doctoral program with APU, Lorena in her final year and Joseph in his first year. They quickly became friends and started to spend lots of time together. Joseph would be a consistent visitor at Lorena’s apartment to hang out with her and her roommates to study, watch movies, and share meals. Once Lorena graduated she began her residency program in Orange County. Joseph would continue to make frequent visits to her new apartment. Their friendship continued to grow over the course of those 2 years. Once Lorena was finished with her residency she decided to move back to Northern California where her parents live to pursue her career as a physical therapist. The two remain in touch during this time and even had the chance to see each other in person a handful of a occasions. Once Joseph graduated and was ready to pursue his career as a physical therapist, Lorena suggested on applying for an opening near her area in Northern California. Joseph ended up getting the job and quickly transitioned up north living in the pool house of Lorena’s parent’s house. The friendship that they had build over the years grew into a beautiful relationship and here they are 2 years later ready to tie the knot!