Jacqueline Anzu


Jose Meza

April 27, 2024

Pomona, CA
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How We Met


We met at Rio Hondo during our first semester of college. As I was going to my first class Jose and I would cross paths not knowing we were already following each other on Instagram. One day Jose messaged me on Instagram, and asked if I was indeed the girl he would crossed paths with on the daily. I replied and from there everything changed. We started going to school earlier just to see each other before and after class. We drifted apart for some years however found each other in 2018 and have been together ever since. We dated for 3 years and then decided to move in together. We currently have been living together for the past 2 years and have gotten so close during that time. I cannot wait to marry the love of my life!

The Proposal


My family and I decided to go to Newman, CA to celebrate New Years Eve with some family and friends. It had been raining hard for the past few days beforehand, however we decided to still go. As we were driving by the City of Lebec, CA it started to snow and shortly after the lanes of the freeway started to fade away. It shortly became dangerous as other cars started gliding from the snow. We decided to get off the freeway and wait out the storm not knowing what was ahead of us. We called neighboring hotels hoping to get a warm room for the night but were out of luck because all hotels were booked for the night. The five of us (Mom, dad,brother, Jose and myself ) were stuck in a Tacoma for 8 hours until the freeway reopened and then finally we were able to be on our way. When we arrived to Newman we were greeted by our family members and shortly the preparation for New Years Eve started. By that time I was so exhausted I decided to take a nap. When I woke up I found everyone nicely dress and the garage had been decorated. As we prepared for the new year we took out champagne to celebrate. We made a toast and then Jose decided to say some words.... Jose got on one knee and asked me to marry him in front of my family which could not have been any more perfect. I was left speechless however managed to say "yes". We all celebrated and the rest is history... We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you!