Jordan & Justin


Jordan Waldenfels


Justin Becker

October 13, 2023

Chuluota, Florida
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How We Met


Her View: The first time I saw Justin was at church. It was one of my first Sunday's attending Action's South Orlando location, and the moment I saw him something just drew me to him. He was playing bass guitar on platform and I just couldn't shake this feeling of, "I want to meet this guy." And if you know me you know I'm not going to just randomly introduce myself to anyone, especially a cute guy. So a couple weeks later one of my roommates invited me to her small group, which was a group where we went out to eat, relax, and just would talk about how our week went. I had declined many times before, but for some reason I chose to go this time. So I'm sitting in the booth with my roommates and the group leaders, just talking, and who walks up? Justin. I immediately internally start freaking out, and saying to myself, "Ok God, what are you up to?" So the night went on, Justin and I talked and connected more than I had with anyone before. So after that dinner, I was really wanting him to add me on Facebook or Instagram or something, because we never got each other's phone numbers, but I was super stubborn and was like no I don't want to add him, he should add me! So a day or so later, after I had "patiently" waited for him to add me and he hadn't, I decided to add him on Instagram. And I was like, "There, I did it! The ball is in his court!" And so even after I had added him he didn't reach out until I had posted a random story of one of my roommates sounding funny saying the word "challenge". Then he finally messaged me! So we just started talking and messaging each other, and everything was so easy and came naturally with him. He was so sweet and I could tell he truly cared to hear from me and reach out to me. So one night we were just talking and I asked him if he wanted to go see a movie one night. He said yes, and then asked if I would like for him to pick me up and possibly do dinner beforehand? I said, if he wanted to then he could, but I didn't want him going out of his way. He told me he wanted to pick me up, and asked me what my favorite restaurant was and I said Chuy's. I am so lucky that God has chosen this man to be my husband, and has written our beautiful love story. His View: I was set to meet up with some friends after work for a dinner small group. They had already been seated, so I had to walk through the restaurant looking for them. Passing a row of booths, a cute girl sitting in an aisle seat caught my attention, so it took me a few moments to realize that my friends were in the same booth. The seat saved for me was the other aisle seat, meaning I got to spend the evening sitting directly across from her. Our mutual friend introduced her as Jordan. Throughout dinner we got to know a bit about each other, where we were from, what had brought us to Orlando and to Action Church, etc. It was hard not focusing on her too much, lest I freak her out or ignore the rest of the group. I could immediately tell that this was someone who was open and trustworthy and would mean the world to have in my life. Leaving the restaurant, I made sure to check that she had enjoyed the evening and that she was planning to join the group again, to both of which she said yes. As much as I wanted to immediately find Jordan on social media, my fear of seeming creepy made we wait. Within a couple of days, however, she followed me on Instagram. A few days later, she posted a funny story of her roommate (our mutual friend) saying the word ‘challenge’ in her Michigan accent, giving me an opening to slide into her DMs with my signature move, a pun. Apparently it worked, because that started us talking every day. Again, my fear of being the typical creepy guy kept me from asking her on a proper date, but within a week she asked me out to a movie. While I would have been happy with just that, I wanted to spend more time talking in person so I suggested picking her up for dinner before the movie. ... and the rest is history!