Webb Wedding



Amy Aldrich


Jordan Webb

February 24, 2024

Charlottesville, VA
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How We Met

We met online in the spring of 2022. At the time, Jordan was wrapping up his first year of work post-law school and Amy was just beginning a side job at a wine bar, so life was busy and schedules were hectic, but love blossomed! Amy's recount of the first date: After chatting with this tall, dark, handsome man of not too many words for a bit, I finally had to cut to the chase and ask him if he'd like to meet up in-person. He agreed! We set the date/time for our first date at my favorite sushi place, Tsunami in Annapolis. When we met that evening, I immediately thought he was smart, kind, and thoughtful and loved most of all that the make-up of our families and our values were similar. He walked me to my car that night to discover I had parked directly under the most bird-populated tree that ever existed, and they were actively dropping bombs. Which made our first goodbye hilariously memorable trying to evade incoming fire... And the rest is history. Jordan's recount of the first date: We spoke for a week or two, but she didn't seem interested. I was surprised when she asked me out. I thought it was a little strange that she picked a Sunday night for a first date and almost didn't go because of work the next morning. We did sushi and after-dinner drinks. I was stunned at how beautiful she was when she walked in (I am always early and was already seated). We hit it off and planned a second date before the first one even ended. I walked Amy to her car, which was COVERED in bird poop from the tree above. I didn't want our first date memory being me (or her) getting shat on, so I got out of there fast. We ended up going out on four dates that same week, so it all worked out.

The Proposal


On Memorial Day we enjoyed a beautiful, albeit warm, hike--one of our favorite hobbies to do together--in Northern Maryland. About 4 miles in we reached Black Rock Cliff, a picturesque lookout point, and decided it was a great place to have a snack and refuel. About 30 minutes post-snack, Amy could not sit still and wanted to hit the trail again, but Jordan kept stalling. Little did she know he was waiting for the perfect moment, ideally without other hikers around, to pop the question! As soon as the cliff cleared, he got down on one knee (yes, near the edge of a cliff) and proposed. Obviously, Amy said yes. It was such a sweet moment, made only more memorable by Amy's heat-swollen fingers that made the ring placement very difficult. We had a 4 mile hike back to the car, which was full of excitement and wedding talk, and then we topped the day off with great (but not as great as Texas) BBQ at Black Hog in Frederick, MD.

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