Dearly Beloved



Jonathan Lundquist


Mandy Lundquist

May 19, 2024

Orlando, FL
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How It All Started

Band kids in love? A love made to be everlasting.

We met in high school, around 2011. Jonathan was 16 and I was 14. Echoing with laughter in the hallway of performing arts, specifically: band. He played the tuba, and I played the flute. What caught my attention was his goofiness and his eagerness to spend time with me after school or during extracurricular activities. Our first date was on May 19th, 2012. It began when he asked me to be his date to the Band Banquet. It was a celebration of the past year's achievements, along with music, delicious food, and a dance battle against the girls and guys. He had his arms around me the entire night and couldn't keep his eyes off of my black and gold shimmering dress. I've never worn a dress for a guy before, and he wore a suit that I'll never forget. From then on, I knew Jonathan was going to be someone near and dear to my heart, and a person that I would hold very close to in my life. We were inseparable after that. He'd walk 2 hours to my house just to sit next to me and talk in my parent's driveway. He never lost sight of me when I went on a family vacation to Laos, where my family is from. Each time I could, I would leave him messages, or try to give him a call; since we were 13 hours apart and my family was staying in a Third-world country for two months where internet was hard to come by. When I came back to America, we could finally start my homecoming and establishing the love that we have for each other after the time apart. Jonathan finished out his senior year while I was establishing my first year in band. It was rough, but we spent time with each other as much as we could until the Summer of 2013 came, for Jonathan's graduation. Time went on by and both of us went on our separate ways. We each pursued something different. I was still finishing out high school, and Jonathan went to college to study. Of our time growing apart, we still yearned for each others' presence. It wasn't until 2014 where we started dating each other again, but it was a long-distance relationship. He eventually moved to Ohio, while I stayed in Florida, further extending the gap in our distance. We would video chat, instant message, and once in a while he would fly me out to visit him for the holidays. We would play video games -- which is important for later -- and stayed together while he was contributing time to his work up there while I was finishing my college classes down here. In July of 2017, Jonathan made the biggest move of his life. He moved 1,000 miles across the entire country. He bought a plane ticket to fly me up there and we both drove down with all his belongings together to Florida. Together we accomplished many things after finally moving in with each other. We rekindled the love that we had for each other, we established many close friendships with new and old friends, adopted our pets from high-kill shelters, and in Summer of 2020 we finally tied the knot in a small and intimate courthouse wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic. After saving some money from our working jobs, we bought our very first home in July 2020 at the age of 23 and 25. We've found out that our favorite past-time is to play video games together. That is where we have a community, life-long friendships, and a way to let the work-day troubles melt away. We've spent countless hours playing games together and watching each other enjoy our own favorite games. In 2021 with the help of our good friend Greg, he built us our first PC's to join alongside with his friends online. Since then, we've shown appreciation for what we have and what's to come. On May, 19th 2024, we plan to have our official wedding together. We've done so much together and haven't had a wedding for ourselves! Now is the perfect time and we cannot wait for the day to come. Please stay tuned on updates and where it will be located. Until then, we will save up money to have the wedding of our dreams. Come and celebrate with us during our time together at the Lundquist Wedding.

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