Candi & Golden

We are very happy to have found each other. We are just as excited to share our special day with you.

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Golden Payne


Candi Hall




May 27

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The Day I Agreed to be Mrs Golden Payne! I told him he couldn't surprise me...but he did! He REALLY DID!!!

How We Met & Fell in Love

Jointpaynes...Forever Connected

Claremont Hotel rooftop has one of THE best views of Atlanta. But one beautiful summer day, I got the best view I've ever seen...Mr Golden Payne stepping off the rooftop elevator! Our mutual friend was visiting Atlanta, and we all got together for food and drinks. Golden and I hit it off pretty well, but I never heard from or saw him again for over a year! The next time we connected was when our friend was visiting again. I was having friends over for Game night, and IMMEDIATELY asked my friend "hey, why don't you invite your friend Golden"? Well, he came and again, a great time was had by all!!! Then again...nothing! About 3 months later, I reached out to him with an invitation to attend an event. He DIDN'T attend...but we started conversing occasionally and becoming friends. Funny texts and short conversations eventually turned into hardy laughs, long conversations...and PUZZLES! We've finally gotten something that we've both wanted for many MANY years...a great friendship that turned into Love! Paciencia y Fe...seems like it took forever to find, but patience and faith coupled with focus on our relationship with Jehovah made this "Golden treasure" & "Sweet Love" the best thing that's happened to us!