Michael & Cheyenne

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Michael Johnston


Cheyenne Schildwachter

June 20, 2025

Arlington, WA
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How we met

Traded Hearts: A Trader Joe's Romance

It all started in a place you wouldn't expect: a grocery store called Trader Joe's. At the time, I was working from home, had a few friends, and needed to get out of the house, as I exclaimed to my brother David on the phone one day. He suggested I get a job at Trader Joe's to be more social, mentioning it's a fun atmosphere that I might enjoy. I took him up on that suggestion, applied online, and just called the store. Mark, one of the store Mate's (Managers), had me come in for an interview, and Jerome, our Store Captain, was so nice that he hired me on the spot after we had an amazing conversation. One day, while a fellow Crew member named Dustin was training me, Cheyenne walked by with her beautiful, long, flowing seafoam green hair. I saw her and asked him, "Who is that?" thinking she was gorgeous and that I definitely wanted to say hi to her. As luck would have it, the next week, Cheyenne was the one training me. We instantly hit it off, discussing life, dreams, goals, and our mutual love for cats. I heard her mention a paddle boarding event and took the opportunity to ask for her number so we could stay in touch and possibly join her. Unfortunately, she contracted COVID-19 that week and had to stay home due to the policies at the time. During that period, I was at a tattoo convention and decided to get a tattoo of a cat, thinking it would be a great icebreaker to text Cheyenne. Sure enough, we ended up talking every day until she recovered. When she was feeling better, I asked her out on a date, which she happily accepted. We shared many magical dates, from visiting the State Fair (her favorite activity) to me making her baked ziti for another date. After that, we couldn't get enough of each other and became inseparable. Almost a year into dating, I knew she was the woman and best friend I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, so I proposed to her in a magical way, which I'll share at the wedding! -Michael

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