August 21, 2021
Houston, TX

Huoma Rachel & Johnson Olawale


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Johnson Olawale Adio


Huoma Rachel Owhonda




August 21


Our love story

I unearthed a gem

HE SAID: Prior to having our first conversation on February 21st, 2018 (her birthday), we both attended the same Christian campus fellowship (CASOR UNIPORT) but never for once had any form of conversation, maybe because I was a senior (final year student) and she was a freshman, we did not even know each other by name. I graduated in June 2015, and she left for the U.S in December 2015 (I never had an idea she traveled to the U.S). I moved to the U.S in January 2018 for my master’s degree. A mutual friend of ours posted Huoma’s picture on WhatsApp on February 21, 2018, I immediately recalled the face, and unlike me, I asked the friend for her phone number. I texted and called to celebrate her birthday with her. After the birthday conversation, I knew I wanted to be her friend but never for once thought about any form of love relationship that eventually ensued. We became closer, and soon did I realize that she is one with a lovely and enviable character, a lady full of invaluable virtues, I gradually began to see things beyond the scope of casual friendship. On May 11, 2018, I made an audacious trip to Houston to let her know that I wanted her to be mine forever…...the rest as they say, is history.


I never saw it coming

SHE SAID: While on campus fellowship in Nigeria, I did not notice him, maybe because he is reserved and hardly associate with people. The first time he called me was on my birthday; that day, I studied for an exam and was not answering my calls. After my exam that evening, I received a text from someone saying he was a member of CASOR and he is in the U.S and he has been calling to wish me a happy birthday. I was surprised and immediately called him back. After the birthday call, we kept in touch, and I began to know him better. I liked his meekness and his ability to always lead me when I need directions. While we were friends, I admired his self-discipline and it reflected on our friendship because he maintained the friendship boundary, so I just enjoyed his company without thinking of anything more. By May 2018, he said he would be coming for my associate degree graduation, and that will be an opportunity for us to see and discuss even better. After the graduation, we had time to gist, and later that evening, we strolled to a garden within my neighborhood, and then he asked me to join him in his life journey and fulfill purpose together, I was speechless because I never saw that coming. After few months, I accepted to spend my forever with him.

Our toast

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD. Proverbs 18 vs 22

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