Johnny & Joanna

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John Iovino


Joanna Sutherland


March 18, 2023

Wilton Manors, FL

How we met

We met at Fort Lauderdale's best rock-climbing gym, Project Rock, in the summer of 2021 and enjoyed spending time together climbing, then started dating a few months later. A year to the day after we started dating, on September 4th, 2022, Johnny proposed to Jo during a weekend away at Ormond Beach, Florida. We had planned to marry in January 2023 but decided to get married over Thanksgiving 2022 so Jo's parents could be present during their annual visit from the UK. Getting married on a Monday morning is actually perfect, especially when you need to find a wedding photographer* at short notice! We're looking forward to celebrating our marriage with all of you, thank you for being our friends and family. *Shout out to Daniel Lateulade for our beautiful photos.