April 27, 2019
Jacksonville, FL

Sara & Dan

    Our Story

Our Story

The Wedding Website of Sara John and Daniel Kennedy
A Decade of Sara and Dan: Two Sides of the Same Story [Editor’s Note: we swear we wrote these separately]


Chapel Hill

Sara John (SJ): Dan and I met our first year at UNC but didn't become friends until sophomore year. Despite many UNC sporting events, tailgates, hours "studying" in the UL, N64 games, and friends' parties together, hints of romance didn't go anywhere but we stayed good friends. Dan Kennedy (DK): Clad in Carolina Blue, I moved to Chapel Hill in the fall of 2007. Unfortunately, it took until the following spring for our paths to cross, but when they finally did, Sara was hard to miss: beautiful, gregarious, and the life of the party (some things never change). After that, we became fast friends, bonding over a hatred of dook, Olive Garden, and road trips to Florida. [Editor’s Note: whether we dated during these Chapel Hill years remains a point of contention.]


Baltimore + Atlanta

DK: After graduation I moved to Atlanta to pursue a job in investment banking. Owing to the 90-hour work weeks and the four-state gulf between Baltimore and Atlanta, I didn’t see Sara very much. That said, we did convene once a year for the Preakness (thanks again for hosting, Mom + Dad) – and the accompanying fireball shots at the Pioneer Pub in Hereford… SJ: Dan and I didn't take easy first jobs out of college- teaching in Baltimore was mentally, emotionally, and physically harder than I could have ever imagined (no way I would have made it through without my TFA crew) and he worked insane hours in investment banking. Except for our annual Preakness gathering, we didn't really stay in touch.


Reunited in DC

SJ: DC felt like home nearly instantaneously- I loved the city, my job, and having a great group of college friends (including DK!) within walking distance. Nats games, kickball on the Mall, Settlers of Catan, brunches, potlucks, and nights at Codmother ensued. DK: Wanting to get closer to home and go deeper into the health care field, I took a job in DC during the Fall of 2013. Little did I know, the timing couldn’t have been better: Sara moved from Baltimore to start a job in DC that Fall, too. It was like we never missed a beat; we spent the next year reconnecting over concerts at the 9:30 Club, Settlers of Catan, and Nats games.


Bethany Beach

DK: Sara joined my family for vacation at Bethany Beach during the summer of 2014. Not that I needed convincing, but her insistence that we stop at Chik-Fil-A for some spicy chicken nuggets on the drive to the beach reaffirmed what I already knew: that I needed to be dating Sara. So, after years of debate (see reference above to dating in college) we settled the argument once and for all: Sara and I started dating. SJ: Bethany Beach ended up being our first of many trips together. Although a much closer destination than others that followed that year- Austin, Argentina, Tulum- it will always be one of the most memorable to me, when Dan told me how he felt about me on a beach walk I will never forget. Our following two years in DC will always be some of my favorites.


Boston to Philly

SJ: "I would never do long distance" and "move anywhere in the world except Philly" she said. While I am rarely wrong (just ask Dan!), I will admit when I am- starting our grad programs in different cities was tough at first but we fell into a groove, including me loving Philly and all (well most) Dan's Wharton bros, and valuing him, our time together, and our love even more. DK: After 3 years in DC, we each headed north along I-95 to enroll in grad school programs: Sara at Tufts in Boston and me at Penn in Philly. Long distance was tough, but we tried to visit each other twice a month (and were very appreciative of the advent of FaceTime for those in between times). If you have a question about the layout of either the Boston or Philly airport, we’re now definitively your go-to source.


Back in Chapel Hill

DK: I knew Sara was who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, so I wanted to propose to her in a way that reflected that fact. Convinced that we were returning to our alma mater for a football game, Sara seemed genuinely shocked when I dropped to one knee. I had a long speech planned, but Sara saved me the publicity (and knee pain) by interrupting me with a euphoric yes. We were so thankful for all of our friends and family who came to celebrate, but we owe a special thanks to the person who captured it on camera for us: my sister, Megan, who hid in the bushes and in the process was mistaken for a homeless person.


Back in Chapel Hill (cont)

SJ: Dan and I were walking hand-in-hand through the Upper Quad, back at UNC for a football game. One minute, we were talking about all of his friends who had been arrested during college (you know who you are) and the next he is down on one knee in front of the Old Well. I can only imagine he said some really nice things about me and us during my emotional blackout. I said "Of course." We kissed. I cried. Megs took pictures of us whilst hiding in shrubs. All of our families showed up. I cried some more. It was the best weekend of my life.


Together in Boston

DK: After graduation I was fortunate enough to find a job that would allow us to say goodbye to long distance once and for all. In June, we started our next adventure by moving into an apartment in Back Bay. So far, I’m absolutely loving Boston, but don’t think it’s a coincidence that Sara has tried to indoctrinate me prior to the winter months… SJ: Dan got an awesome job in Boston. We got an awesome place in Boston. Everything is awesome in Boston. Come visit us in Boston.