Samantha & John


John Guarino


Samantha Hunt

September 23, 2023

Jamaica, VT
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How We Met

November 2017 & October 2020

We met for the first time in London in November of 2017 while John was getting his Master's in the UK and Sam was visiting family. We had a fun weekend with mutual friends, but didn't think much of it. When Sam moved to London 2 months later, there were a few attempts made by John to meet up, but it never ended up working out. Sam believes that this was destiny... what may have happened if we had?! John moved back to New York in late 2018, and Sam followed in early 2020. We met for the 2nd time at an impromptu House Warming party at Amy's apartment in NYC in October 2020. As John says, he 'bee lined to Sam' when she arrived, and the rest is history!

How He Proposed

December 10, 2022

Sam was leaving for London for a week for work on December 10th and fully expecting to be engaged before she left. John was expecting to be engaged before she left, too, but his plan was thrown off a few times leading up to the big event. When he hadn't popped the question by that morning, Sam turned her proposal sights to after the trip. John, however, realized that he still had time... just not very much! That evening, Sam called an Uber to take her to the airport and John helped bring her bags down to meet the car. After John put the bags in the Uber, Sam struggled to close the automatic trunk. When she figured it out and turned around, Johnny was on one knee asking Sam to spend the rest of her life with him. At first she thought it was a cruel and unusal joke, but when she realized he was serious, she said YES!! Thankfully, their Uber driver was patient and happy for them as he waited for them to cry, hug, and kiss before Sam had to actually get in the Uber and head to the airport. Their reunion one week later as Fiances was very sweet :)