Hollie & John

We’re Getting Married


John Love


Hollie Knight


September 23, 2023

Orleans, IN
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Our Love Story

John and Hollie grew up in the same small town but never really knew each other because of the age difference. Their paths never really crossed. Hollie is 4 years older than John. They knew of each other but weren’t friends on social media. Hollie’s sister was dating a friend of John’s brother at the time. Jokingly, John would tell him to “hook me up with Mylie’s sister”. Well, that message got passed along. On January 23rd, Hollie and her sister were sitting in church and Mylie said “I know who you should talk to”. When she mentioned John’s name, Hollie was all for it, but couldn’t believe he was interested in her. That night, Hollie added John on snapchat and they started talking. She was excited to get to know him and he felt the same. John worked out of town, so they continued to text all that week. John decided to make plans to hang out with her by Monday night. They really hit it off quick. When he got home Friday, he picked Hollie up and they went over to his house. Hollie was very nervous, but excited to see if their connection would be good. After the first time hanging out, they both felt the same way. They knew their connection was strong and they were going to get married. Hollie actually cried that first night because she knew in her heart he was the one. When you know, you know! They didn’t separate that whole weekend. By the next weekend, John told Hollie he loved her and she said she loved him. One week after meeting, they were already so in love and John was ready to go to the courthouse and get married! Hollie wouldn’t let that happen haha! Instead, he asked her to be his girlfriend on February 4th. Months went by, they made memories, become best friends, and planned a beach vacation with Hollie’s family. 5 months after dating, John proposed to Hollie on July 11th on the beach during photos. She said yes! John and Hollie are two different people, but are meant to be together. That was obvious from the start. Hollie finally got her happy ending after waiting so long to find ‘the one’. Who would’ve thought he was only 5 miles away in the same town all along. They are so excited to join their lives together and build a family.