Caitlyn & John


John Cochran


Caitlyn Rastetter


September 16, 2023

Oakdale, PA

How We Met

Make Waves

John and Caitlyn's love story began when they were both working as lifeguards at Settler's Cabin wave pool. He was 17 and she was 16. Caitlyn initially thought the outgoing, crazy Cochran boy wasn't her type, but she soon realized that his tough exterior belied a kind-hearted and affectionate man and she fell for the charming Homecoming King. John asked Caitlyn to be his girlfriend at the South Fayette Homecoming Dance, and their love only grew stronger from there. Growing up only a few hundred yards from each other, and a stolen palm tree later, who would have thought these two would be saying I do 15 years later. John and Caitlyn are getting married at the Cochran family venue where they have shared countless memories as a couple.

The Palm Tree

He Rises from the Cistern

In 7th grade, an unforgettable incident occurred involving John and Jonathan stealing Mr. Rastetter's palm tree. One fateful night, while indulging in some forbidden moonshine on the Cochran's porch, John and Jon glanced up at the beautifully lit palm tree atop the hill and were consumed by the notion of possessing it. Braving their way through the cow field and maneuvering under barbed wire fences, they made their way to the summit of Randy Rastetter's hill. With sheer determination, they uprooted the palm tree and triumphantly dashed down Union Avenue, hoisting their stolen treasure above their heads. The next morning, Caitlyn awoke to the sight of the missing palm tree and innocently asked her father if he had been working on it. Shocked, her father exclaimed, "WHY?!" and mistakenly assumed Caitlyn's involvement in the escapade. The police eventually caught wind of the incident and paid a visit to John and Jon, insisting they return the palm tree to its rightful owner. Carrying the palm tree as a symbol of apology, they approached Mr. Rastetter, only to encounter him emerging from a cistern, wrench in hand. It took John until last year to finally regain Randy's trust and be on his good side again when John helped Randy install his new set of palm trees with 6 feet of concrete underground.

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