June 18, 2022
Montauk, NY

Joe & Aria


Meet us in Montauk, where "The End" is just our beginning.

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Joseph Gallo


Aria Isberto



June 18


The Meeting

January 2016

As the record-breaking blizzard of 2016 swept its way through New York City, Joe and Aria hopped over street snowpiles to meet for breakfast at a small cafe in the Upper East Side. Neither of them could tell you what they talked about that morning, but they do remember exactly how they felt. In the six years since that day, Joe and Aria have created a life together filled with laughter, music, adventure, and good times with their family and friends.

The Proposal

June 2021 #birthdaywife

Joe and Aria will be married on June 18, 2022, a year after Joe proposed to Aria steps from the beach at their apartment building. He almost made it to the beach but simply couldn't wait another second. Family and friends gathered in Long Beach for a beautiful surprise engagement party nearby at The Shack, with a performance under the stars by members of The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow.

The Wedding

June 2022

You are invited to a weekend in Montauk, a beach town that features one of Joe's favorite surfing spots! Montauk is located at the tip of the South Fork peninsula of Long Island, which is why it is nicknamed "The End". It is a popular fishing hamlet known for the 200-year old Montauk Point Lighthouse that will serve as the backdrop to the ceremony. Montauk offers peaceful outdoor recreation, places of historical significance, and sightings of marine wildlife over its bluffs and beaches. Joe and Aria hope that you will take advantage of your vacation here, and do some of the activities listed under Things To Do. Montauk is a destination wedding, especially for most of Aria's family in the Philippines, so there will be a link to view a recording of the event at a later time with more information to come. Your love and support will always be appreciated...near or far.

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