Jocelyn & Darren


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Darren Westby


Jocelyn Brown



May 18

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How we met

Darren and Jocelyn's story began at Boulderdash climbing gym. Darren was the manager of the gym, but he was also an experienced crack climber with a love for Joshua Tree. Meanwhile, Jocelyn was a typical gym bro, more at home on plastic walls than real rock. Despite their different climbing styles, Darren and Jocelyn would often chat whenever Jocelyn came into the gym. Jocelyn was a talker, and Darren was happy to listen to her stories and jokes. They became friendly acquaintances, but nothing more. Then, Darren decided to leave the gym to pursue his passion for outdoor climbing (and other rock-related occupations). He didn't want to lose touch with Jocelyn, so he started inviting her to join him on his outdoor climbing adventures. At first, they went bouldering, even though it wasn't either of their preferred styles. Jocelyn just complained non-stop about how much she hated bouldering. But Darren just smiled and listened, secretly thrilled that he was getting to spend time with this amazing woman. Through all the complaining and groaning, a spark grew between them. They continued climbing together, tackling tougher routes/problems and pushing each other to new heights. Jocelyn hatred of bouldering turned into a full-fledged fury, which eventually made her work a lot harder, and Darren grew into the boulder bro, we now know and love. They found a rhythm as climbing partners and, eventually, as a couple. And that's the story of how Darren and Jocelyn met - through friendly chit chat, outdoor adventures, and lots of complaining about bouldering.