Jill & Zach



Zach Miller


Jill Rafson


January 13, 2024

South Salem, NY

Our Love Story

January 18, 2022

Who knew those darn apps would actually work? Jill was drawn in by the picture of Zach drinking a "Yoda-tini." Zach liked Jill's quick wit. After a week of Hinge-sanctioned banter that touched on everything from pop music conspiracies to zoodles, they met on a cold night at an unassuming bar in midtown. Zach says he knew as soon as Jill took off her mask (ah, dating in Covid...) that he was in trouble. Jill was delighted that she could make him laugh so hard that no sound came out. She told him about an exciting job interview coming up in a few days, and somehow this guy who traffics in truck-related policy gave her the best advice of anyone about her theater career. Jill didn't know it at the time, but when Zach immediately offered a second date for Saturday night, it was kind of a huge deal that he was willing to miss an NFL playoff game for this girl. Luckily, it was worth it. Since then, it's been more fun than anyone should be allowed to have: Stella Sundays, Broadway shows, history tours, road trips... Jill taught Zach to cook (a little). Zach taught Jill how it feels to be a Mets and Jets fan. Jill learned to navigate her way through Forest Hills. Zach learned to accept Brooklyn. They both got new jobs and couldn't believe how wonderful 2022 had been. They met each other's families. Jill will probably never stop loving that she's going to be related to Arthur Miller, even if he's the lawyer and not the playwright. Zach will probably always be trying to keep up with all the names of cousins and godchildren Jill has. They go to the farmers' market on Saturdays. They Wordle in the morning and do Spelling Bee at night. Jill cooks and Zach does the dishes. Jill knows more than she ever expected to about micro-hubs, truck parking (several different kinds!), and congestion pricing. Zach will bust out a Sondheim reference totally unprompted (he "knows things now"). They celebrated a year together by returning to the site of their first date and re-reading those first messages. They still marvel at how lucky they are to have found each other and how much fun their forever is going to be.

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