Jessie & Paige


Jessie Chen


Paige Dahlgren

September 16, 2023

Saint Paul, MN
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The Meet Cute

August 2012

Jessie & Paige met the very first day of college, where they lived in adjacent dorm rooms with a shared wall between them. Their group of friends developed quickly, always having study parties, playing card games, and going on dining hall trips together.

The Dating

February 2015

Jessie & Paige became best friends, and then started dating when they realized they felt something more. They have supported each other through every step of their lives since, including medical school in Indianapolis and moving to Minnesota for OB/GYN & Pediatrics residencies.

The Engagement #1

September 2021

Jessie & Paige love escape rooms and solving puzzles. Jessie invited a group of close friends to an escape room called Diamond Dilemma. At the very end of the escape room, a small bag dropped out of a hidden fireplace compartment, and Jessie pulled out a ring and popped the question! Paige thought it was a prank and called Jessie a punk, before crying and saying yes!

The Engagement #2

October 2021

Jessie wanted to a reciprocal proposal, and Paige's #1 requirement was that she surprise Jessie. They had a dinner reservation at Sooki & Mimi, and decided to go to the basement bar before dinner. Jessie almost bailed on the basement bar, because she'd had a rough day of work, but she was convinced by the fact that the bar had comfortable couches. Paige pulled out the ring, and Jessie started crying immediately.