May 28, 2022
Madison, PA

Jessica Rose & Joel Michael


We’re getting married!

Floral ArrangementFloral ArrangementFloral ArrangementFloral Arrangement

Joel Michael Regina


Jessica Rose Sirney




May 28


Our Love Story

September 27 2016 - Forever

We met in 2016 when Jess was working as a bartender at Geo’s. We instantly hit it off and started talking all the time. We discovered our mutual love of the same Music, Thrice specifically, and they were coming to town on September 27th! Joel was already going and asked Jess to go. When she said yes, he hurried up and bought an extra ticket! Jess got to meet Joel’s brothers and their wives, and right before they went in to see Thrice, Joel surprised Jess with a beautiful flower arrangement and asked her to be his girlfriend. Of course she said yes, but that’s not all, after the show it was obvious to both that this was real and forever. We can show you the block of concrete where we said “I love you” the day we started dating. We’ve been together through job changes, coming and going of friends, loss of loved ones and the pivotal moment when Alexis told Joel she loves him too . We bought a house together and made it a Home! It was a little over three years when one of our favorited bands was coming back around, Joel got tickets for Jess’s Birthday! The show was on February 3rd 2020 and we had plans to get a Hotel room and go super early so we could enjoy the city a bit before the show. Joel said the only thing he really wanted was a picture of us by the Roberto Clemente statue before the show. We started running behind and walked all over to get to the statue. Jess was frustrated and tired and just wanted to get to the show but Joel was adamant we need to get this picture! Luckily when we got to the statue there was another coupled there, so they agreed to take our photo. Jess thought we we taking a photo, Joel had him recording. There is a great video we can show you sometime, but Joel proposed! After a few seconds of shock, Jess said yes! We both were so very excited and happy and practically ran to the Thrice show to tell our friends and family. Our biggest love moments all happened at Thrice shows, I wonder what will happen the next time we see them 😍!

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