Jeferson Da Silva


Jessica Boyd

May 27, 2023

Fort Lauderdale, FL

How he proposed

Shaking like a leaf

We rented a motorcycle for his birthday and new years to travel around South Florida, on the second day we rode through the everglades enjoying the alligators and fresh air. Us and some friends stopped at a restaurant on the water to enjoy a sunset dinner. He took forever coming to the table and was persistent on the waitress showing him the bathroom, this was so he could tell her the plan. After enjoying our dinner she brought over the most delicious looking lava cake with a box with a light in it. Once he grabbed the box and got down on one knee it clicked and all I could do was say YES! He was shaking so bad but as soon as I said yes and held his head in my hands he was steady.

How we met

A simple story

We met on a dating app at first and talked all hours of the night, being the night owls we are. We finally set our first date to go see Halloween returns, but he took us to the Museum of Discovery & Science for their big screen but quickly learned they only had educational films. After enjoying the scenes of America he finally leaned over a kiss me and butterflies went flying and they haven't stopped since.