Jessica & Brian

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Brian Switzer


Jessica Criddle


September 9, 2023

Loomis, CA
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How We Met...... And got reacquainted

There are plenty of fish in the sea..... but you are my Nemo

Brian and I met in junior high school. We had always had mutual friends and were in each other's presence. In our early to mid-twenties we would occasionally run into each other when out with friends and always had a sense of connection that we never really perused. In my early twenties when I was cutting hair, Brian's father Jeff would come in and have his hair cut at the beauty salon I worked at. ( boy would he kill me for telling ya'll he came to a beauty shop) Jeff would often ask me "Why doesn't a girl like you date my son?" My response was always, because I know what kind of boy your son is! This was always my response because Brian was always looking for adventure, always on the move doing something. I had a young son (Jayden) at the time and our lifestyles just didn't seem to be headed in the same direction. Fast forward some years, and both of us had recently ended long term relationships and were on the ever so popular dating website Plenty Of Fish. Brian messaged me through there and we started chatting. As we usual, we were able to pick up conversation rather quickly. The conversations lead to a date in early September 2014 , which we had never been on together. Still not knowing where we were headed, considering our different perspectives on life, we couldn't get enough of each other. Brian was uninterested in having children and NEVER would speak of marriage, but after six months of dating, I felt comfortable enough to introduce him to my two, at the time very young sons. Jayden was about 8 and Jaxon was about to turn 4. The boys instantly took to Brian, while he may have needed a little more time adjusting to them LOL, they figured each other out. About six months later Brian asked me to move in with him. At first I told him no, I was hesitant because I knew Brian's feelings on kids and marriage, but after a few rounds of him asking and seeing the relationship he was building with my boys, I said yes to him for the first time. The past 9 years for us have been filled with many different states, countless miles and adventures, some of you may have spotted the nemo that Brian has in his truck or on his toolbox in the garage. When I knew Brian was the one I would spend the rest of my life with, I began to tell him he was my Nemo, a play on how we got reacquainted, because there are "Plenty Of Fish" in the sea, but there is only ONE Nemo.