Jessica & Avery


Avery Vaughn


Jessica Alvarez

August 4, 2023

Hamburg, NJ
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How We Met

Jessica and Avery met working at the same nursing home called Arbor Glen. While working together, they became friends and enjoyed when they had the same shift. Jess then decided to leave that position for a better opportunity and communication between the two of them stopped temporarily. A few months later, Jess's best friend Agartha, who still worked with Avery in the nursing home, invited her to a birthday dinner they had set up for him. After that day, they texted daily and eventually decided to meet up for a mini golf date. Little did they know that they would become inseparable after that date. And as they say ... the rest is history.

The Proposal

June 28, 2019

Avery proposed on the 5 year anniversary of being together. He planned an event for that day and refused to tell Jess anything. He said he got it. It was his plan. On that day, they woke up really early in the morning and started driving. Jess didn't question him but wondered where they were going. She assumed it was horseback riding based on the scenery. When they arrived at the location, Jess looked around and was confused because it didn't look like any place. It was just an open field. But, Avery was not going to give in and tell her what was going on, it was a surprise. Eventually, two men showed up and they got out of the car. One of them approached them with paperwork and started talking about signing a safety waiver. Jess was even more confused! Finally, he explained how they were going on a hot air balloon ride to watch the sunrise. Jess's jaw dropped to the ground! She had mentioned, in passing, how it would be cool to have that experience and Avery remembered. He made it happen. Jess was over the moon excited and knew this was a big deal because Avery is NOT a fan of heights and tight spaces. So she knew this was a sacrifice he made to make her happy and feel special. Still unaware and just excited for the experience, Jess hopped on with Avery. As the hot air balloon was rising, he asked her to look down. Displayed on the ground on a big sign was the question, "Will you marry me?" When Jess turned back around, Avery was holding the ring. In tears, Jess said "YES!" Then they travelled into the sunrise. It was a like a fairytale. Funny story, on the way back down they landed and got stuck on a tree. But hey, they made it safe and here they are. Four years, a house and a pandemic later, ready to say I do!