Jennifer & Javier



Javier Gallegos


Jennifer Lewusz

September 8, 2023

Tucson, AZ

Once Upon a Time

Head Over Heels

On November 6, 2019, Jennifer’s friend Monica convinced her to go out. Jennifer was down on her luck with dating and she was hiding out at home. Monica suggested they go to the Maverick, a popular country western bar. Jennifer didn’t feel like going out, but something told her to go out anyway. Once there, Monica said, "You need a guy to show you a good time and cheer you up!" Before Jennifer could say anything, Monica ran into the crowd to find a volunteer. A few minutes later, Monica appeared with a man who looked a little confused but nonetheless polite. "This is Javier, he comes here all the time. Will you show Jennifer how to dance?" Jennifer looked up at Javier and he extended his hand for a dance. Jennifer was nervous, she never did any country dancing in her life. Javier smiled and said he'd teach her. Sure enough, she was two stepping in no time. He even flipped her over his shoulder in her high heels! Jennifer looked forward to seeing Javier at the Maverick. However, fate stepped in and he stopped going after a couple of months. Eventually, they went their separate ways. A year and a half passed until Jennifer saw Javier again at the Maverick. Jennifer couldn't believe her eyes but then her heart sank. He probably didn't remember her after so long. Just as she was doubting things, Javier started walking towards her. He greeted her warmly and gave her a hug. They picked up where they left off long ago. Today, they share the adventures of a managing a busy household with their blended family: Logan (2), Gabriella (7), Alina (10), Galilea (12), Calvin (12), and Max (13). Fate gave us a second chance and we took it. We are so excited to share our long-awaited and happy day with you!