Our Happily Ever After

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Jennifer Swicegood


Bradley Eckburg

Queen Creek


November 10

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How We Met

02/01/2020 - Forever

It was an unsuspecting Saturday evening on the first night of February, only a month before the COVID pandemic shut our city down. It was a chilly winter night at our favorite country bar, but the warmth of the bar and energy of the crowd made us feel alive. Our eyes met across the crowded dance floor and we became captivated with each other. He couldn't resist showing off his "best" dance moves to impress me... and I couldn't help but laugh. As we danced the night away, we became entranced with each other, lost in the music and the moment. As will happen in any bar, there was another man trying to capture my attention and began to make me feel uncomfortable. Brad's protective instincts kicked in and he quickly stepped in to rescue me from the unwanted attention. I was so grateful and we exchanged phone numbers before we left the bar that night. Over the next few months, we went on many dates and began falling for each other. We explored the city and beyond, discovered new passions, and took many adventures together. We knew we had found something special and cherished every moment together. We have enjoyed beginning to build a life together, full of joy, laughter, and endless love.