Jennie & Wren







June 10, 2023

Malad City, ID

How We Met

We met New Years Eve 2021 at a Masquerade Ball in Downtown Salt Lake City. Jennie's version: I was with my girlfriends and their husbands at a masquerade party. Dancing with our small group, all of a sudden this guy pops up. He starts talking and telling me about how his friend thinks I'm really cute. Before I could look in the direction he was pointing, Wren pops up. This tall, bearded, handsome guy is wearing a Hawaiian-floral shirt at a black tie affair. We started talking for a bit, but nothing came of our meeting that night. A couple months later, I was on Hinge and recognized him immediately. After reconnecting the rest was history. Wren's version: I wasn't supposed to be at the masquerade party. I usually go to Malad or stay home with friends to celebrate New Years, so our meeting I really believe to be fate. I was at the party with some good friends. We had reserved a table and had a large group that was drinking and dancing. When we were all on the dance floor, I kept making eye contact with this girl across the way. I leaned over to one of my buddies that I was standing next to and said how cute this girl across the dance floor was, pointing to Jennie. Before I know it, he's running over to her and starting to talk to her. I didn't want her to think I sent my friend to talk to her so I quickly made my way over. She was SUPER awkward. I was super confused because I thought we kept making eye contact and she wanted me to come talk to her. Anyways, after an awkward exchange, I left her with her friends. A couple months later I match with this girl on Hinge. She starts the conversation with "What did you do on New Years...?"

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