Asia & Jeffrey

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Jeffrey Adrien


Asia Flood

Some time in October 2025 - Stay Tuned!
Brentwood, NY

How We Started the Talking Stage

He Slid into her DMs

We met at Nike in Deer Park while we were both working part time. One day as we were closing up, Jeffrey and Asia were chatting with the closing crew when Jeffrey has mentioned he was going, or went, to Comic Con. This grabbed Asia's attention since Comic Con was always something she wanted to go to. When this became clear, Jeffrey promised he would take Asia next year. Later that night, Jeffrey expressed he wanted Asia's Facebook to message her. To this day he says that he asked that way rather than for her number because he didn't want to be too forward. Asia says he just wanted to slide into her DMs.

Our First Date

Our Competive Natures

Asia and Jeffrey often spoke of how they passed time with their friends and family. Jeffrey once mentioned he was having game night with his cousin and spoke about how he would always win. This brought out Asia's competitive nature in which she told him she may be a worthy opponent at game night. Jeffrey then asked Asia if Dave and Busters was of interest and thus the two decided to go out on their first date. Jeffrey picked up Asia from her home where her sister, Alexis, gave him the speech in the driveway. The two had a quite drive, both nervous and excited. When they arrived and the games began, Asia was beating Jeffrey at pretty much everything and was being quite a sore winner. Jeffrey laughed it off and put his arm around Asia on the way to their next game. Asia can still remember the butterflies from that moment to this day. Later in the date, Asia's friend invited her to a halloween party and so rather than let the night end, she invited Jeffrey to come along with her. The two went to event Jeffrey's outgoing personality and spectacular dance moves had Asia hooked and thus our love began, growing like a cherry blossom tree.