Jeffery & Lindy


We're getting Married!


Jeffery Boney


Lindy Holroyd

June 13, 2024

Crofton, KY
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Our Story


We met at YWAM Boston! I (Lindy) have been serving there for over 6 years and Jeffery joined in the fall of 2022. He came as a student and we met, but there were no feelings on either side. In January of 2023, I was leading the outreach for Jeffery's school, and about halfway through the outreach, we started to notice one another. Neither of us could share our feelings because of the rules of the school, but on the night of Jeffery's graduation, he asked me out! We spent 4 hours that night talking, getting to know one another and quickly realized that we wanted to be together. Two days later he officially asked me out and we have had so much fun getting to do life and ministry together. We knew fairly early on that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. So much just makes sense about our stories, our values, our desires, our visions for our lives, etc. We both want to spend our lives seeking Jesus, building a culture of family wherever we go, and seeing people meet Jesus and walk in freedom.

The Proposal


Jeffery and I had been talking about marriage and the timeline of when that would be. He had asked my dad for his blessing to marry me and when that happened we knew it wouldn't be too long before engagement would happen. Jeffery planned with our friends the day, the time, the place, and how he would propose. Jeffery took me to "play mini golf", but the moment he started driving north and towards the coast I knew that we weren't playing mini golf and this might be the day. We pulled into the most beautiful coastal park and I was so nervous (we both were). He had me close my eyes and walked me down to this beautiful gazebo. He began telling me how much he trusts me and wants to spend his life with me. He kept me facing the water because our friends were right behind us ready to take photos and celebrate with us! He proposed and I said YES! He then drove me to our friend's house where there was a surprise celebration for us! The timing was perfect and so in the Lord's plan because it just so happened that our mentors and friends who have been pouring into our lives were in town that week and were able to celebrate with us. It was a dream and is still a dream. This sweet season of engagement has been filled with such joy as we are preparing for marriage. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you at our wedding.

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