Mandi & Jeff


Drawn Together Like a Moth to the Flame


Jeff Blymiller


Mandi Early

November 4, 2023

Riverside, CA

The First day

If life had gone my way , we never would have met .If it had gone my way I would have been gone starting over in a new state ….except we were meant to meet ! I went to work, mostly a normal shift (a lil bummed to be back home,when I had wanted to stay away) but there on that day ,the one I shouldn’t have been back for, working the shift I didn’t want to be working , in walked a small group and a woman leaned across my bar and said “hey bartender, you’re pretty cute! This is my friend Jeff !”

The Yes day

4th of July 2022 . It was like the movies except NOT. There were fireworks in the background and family all eagerly awaiting what they all knew and I didn’t… but we were also dressed like rednecks ,had a water fight earlier so my hair and make up were wild , and I was wearing socks in the middle of the road like a hobo!! I guess you could say is was absolutely PERFECT !!!

The Best day

We can’t wait for our big day !! Celebrating with our friends and family in the eyes of God. Saturday, November 4th 2023 Good food , Great drinks & Wonderful friends paired with a dark romantic vibe and set in two amazing historic buildings of downtown riverside will come together for our Dream Wedding

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