August 22, 2021
National Harbor, MD



Emmanuel Jerome Ware


Jazmen Nicole Yates


National Harbor


August 22


WARE It All Began .....

How It Started ... To How It's Going.

If "went through alot of pain, to get to this pleasure" were a couple , then WE are that couple. We first and foremost thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for we know our connection was truly a work done by him. Starting off as the best of friends, we met in the most simplest form of communication. Starting with a hey with 4 extra y's. Lol "Heyyyy" is how the message went. 100% of you all will guess wrong on who sent the first message. You'll have to find out on our wedding day. But what's most important is, we never looked back since that day. Our hearts for each other grew every single day, adding every single memory as we painted our perfect picture. With love and support from our close friends and family, added with our foundation and beliefs we decided that nothing would be more greater than spending life together as Mr&Mrs. We welcome you to our journey to marriage that we'd like to call "#JazWaresItWell". And this is "WAREItAllBegins".

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For all the days along the way
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