Lucas & Jazelle







June 23, 2023

San Francisco, CA
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The best thing the internet gave us.

It started with a lot of I miss you's, plane rides, facetiming & gift packages for Lucas & Jazelle. Most people don't know but the couple met a month before Jazelle moved cross country to Chicago.   Meeting in the early spring days of May, it was an easy "Goodbye, I love you" after spending zero days apart. We all know making a playlist is a delicate art, it's like writing a love letter but better. It's saying what you want to say, without actually saying it. You get to use someone else's poetry to express how you feel. The couple exchanged playlists to immortalize that moment in time. Not knowing when they would make the effort to see eachother again. Jazelle listened to the playlist the whole three days it took to drive to Chicago.  It's true what they say about absence makes the heart grow fonder. They chose each other everyday and made the effort to not let the distance come between them. If they could survive a year apart they could survive anything together.  The city of Chicago is simply a product of their love. Four years, two apartments, a pandemic & one puppy later they are over the moon happy & one year engaged! After having an idle morning in their favorite neighborhood of North Beach & spending the afternoon looking at art inside SF MoMa, it was a tearful evening at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Lucas presented a unique orange Sapphire that complimented the sunset to propose to his future wife. The first person to congratulate them after Lucas's proposal was the employee at their local pasta shop- where they grabbed a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. Mazel Tov she said! They went home and feasted over a pot of ravioli covered in parmigiano reggiano. And that ladies and gentleman is AMORE.