Jayne & Justin

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Justin von Kulajta Winn


Jayne Bailey

Berrien Springs


August 2

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Our Story

Jayne and Justin met for the first time their freshman year at GVSU. After that, they saw each other around campus, but they didn't become friends until they got involved in Spikeball Club. Justin asked Jayne for her number the last day before the shutdown, all classes and clubs were cancelled, and Justin headed home for the rest of the summer. From there, Jayne and Justin spent time together playing games and getting to know each other until Justin asked Jayne out on their first date to one of their favorite places - Ann Arbor. The next 3 years they spent time hanging out in Grand Rapids trying new restaurants, exploring the city and spending time with friends. They also traveled to places including Arizona, Louisiana, Maine, Florida and Canada to visit family, hike, swim, whale watch and more! They are now so excited to start a life together in Grand Rapids as Jayne finishes getting her Masters of Physician Assistant Studies and Justin works at his first Computer Engineering job.

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