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The Wedding Website of Jaydn Utecht and Luka Dalbec
Please RSVP by May 14 2023. If you can RSVP earlier that’s great!! If we don’t hear from you after May 14th, we will reach out personally to check in. KIDS THAT ARE FAMILY ARE ALLOWED! If you are a parent (and apart of Luka or Jaydn’s family) the Envelope will be addressed to the parents names (example: Jazz and Jesse Utecht) but if you have kids that are family, they are also invited! Type each kids name down, and reply! If you aren’t family of the bride or groom, your kids cannot come, sadly! We only have so much space! RSVP: Type your first and last name. It’s best (if you are coming as a couple or family) to each fill this RSVP section out separately so there’s no screw ups! If you have any problems, message Jaydn or Luka (numbers on RSVP/invite) REMEMBER: We only are allowing people to bring Fiancés or Spouses as plus ones. Again, we wish everyone could come but with the limit, we can’t help it. If you have questions, text us!

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